At House Art Kids we give children to create and explore the world of art through different projects that bring out the artist in every child. Art is a way to express one's mind in a single or many images. Art in a child's development is so important but there is a lack of art in our schools and our American culture. That is where we come in. We want to fill that gap where the true education of art for children is missing in the public school system.  Children need to develop their creative minds for any job or situation. Studies show that people with creative minds have better jobs and a better quality of life when they have a creative outlet. We want children to be able to express themselves in various ways through art. 
Today’s innovators are creative beasts, working collaboratively in open workspaces, sharing ideas globally with other thinkers. Today’s Google workers aren’t just software engineers or coders sitting in dark rooms lit only by computer monitors. They’re design-thinkers who spent 20 percent of their time developing passion projects. Today’s trailblazers are communicators who design, craft, experiment, and pioneer in the light.
Here are our services:
ONLINE ART CLASSES is a great way have the art class from the comfort of your home with advised art tools by the instructor. Students would purchase tools to have the lesson by video chat (see DRAWING BEGINNER PACKAGE and ONLINE ART CLASS PACKAGE.  We use the ZOOM app. 
CRAFT AND DESIGN is a class for young artists who are introduced to a basics of art. 
PRE- PORTFOLIO is a class where skills are refined to prepare students for Portfolio in order to submit their work to an art school.
ART BIRTHDAY is a way to have a fun and educational birthday event with friends and family.

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